About Carl Erskine

Baseball saw some of its biggest transformations in the 1940s and 50s. The introduction of night games, television, racial desegregation, and prevalence of jet travel all had a profound impact on how the game was forever played, observed, and experienced. Through these unprecedented times stood Carl Erskine, famed pitcher of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, and a witness to history.

Born in Anderson, Indiana on December 13, 1926, Carl Daniel Erskine was introduced to baseball at an early age. His father, Matt Erskine, taught that baseball was the hardest sport to learn. The game consisted of numerous strategies and maneuvers that perplexed the young Erskine. At the age of nine, his father enrolled him in a park baseball program. During the Great Depression, as Erskine sharpened his abilities and started playing catch with his two older brothers, he learned the art of pitching. In no time, Erskine had mastered the straight overhand throwing technique and curve ball rotation every future pitcher needs as a professional baseball player.

"I’m thankful to the many fans who watched us win six pennants in my twelve big league years and who still write me – also young people who write and ask me about the Brooklyn years."


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